Acino Russia recognized for valuable contribution to medical field

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

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Acino Russia was recently recognized as a valuable partner to the field of colorectal surgery and treatment, receiving an award from the prestigious Russian School of colorectal surgery at their recent global conference. In its 12th year, the event brings together leading colorectal specialists from around the world, including the United States, Asia and Europe.

The event, over three days, is an opportunity for medical specialists, practitioners and researchers to share insights and knowledge in the colorectal field.

In their first year of participation, Acino Russia supported more than 1000 specialists to gain awareness and understanding of new products and treatment option and methods for colorectal diseases, particularly personalized hemorrhoids treatment.

In the closing ceremony, Acino Russia was recognized by the society as a valuable partner and contributor to the field of colorectal treatment and the event. The award was handed over by the Director of the Russian School of colorectal surgery, Dr.Petr Tsarkov.

Ekaterina Butolina, Product Manager, accepted the award on stage:

‘We were really surprised to be given this award, but of course we were delighted!

‘Our motivation as a company and team is to promote high-quality healthcare, and to do this we need to support the medical community at fantastic events such as this. It was really good to discuss science, innovation and how to improve treatments for patients.

‘We are looking forward to an ongoing partnership and to the next events!’